About our glasses

MANIFESTO consists of a small family of sunglasses with bold and distinct shapes. All models feature a straight front giving them a strong graphic presence and a reduced design absent of any flashy logos, brash lettering or redundant details. All Manifesto models and colors come in either a matte or glossy finish (as near as to the Stella tortoise which only comes in a glossy version).

To be sure that your MANIFESTOs deliver the experience we would like them to, they are produced by one of the finest eyewear manufacturers in the world. Situated in the north of Italy, this family run business has produced hand made sunglasses for more than a decade and take admirable pride in their craft. In terms of production each frame is individually milled from a piece of high quality Italian block acetate delivered by premium manufacturers. To achieve the distinct smooth yet edgy shape the frames are tumbled in barrels and polished into either a paper matt - or high gloss finish. An uncluttered surface is retained by handicraft effort to make hinges invisible at the front of all frames.

All MANIFESTO glasses feature CR-39 lenses which has an extremely high durability and block out any harmful UVA and UVB rays 100%. CR-39 lenses also have a very high scratch resistance and withstand contact with most solvents and other chemicals. We deliver our glasses to you in our signature emerald green MANIFESTO box. We think of these as small gems in themselves and suspect you might want to keep them even when your glasses have been 
popped from the box to be out and about!