Talent is always a turn on

May 24 2014

Manifesto sunglassesAppearing from the hectic daze of MANIFESTO’s first week live, there are som very important contributors we would like to thank. During the long walk from being a tiny little seed to becoming a visual body - MANIFESTO have relied on some very talented people to make the statement take shape.

Danish photographer Henrik Nilsen has given us a set of wonderfully razor sharp campaign pictures together with Stockholm based stylist Nicole Walker. The team they brought with them in set designer Disa Braunerhielm, make up artist Jeanette Törnquist and hair stylist Peter Johansson gave us not only beautiful pictures, but true joy through the enthusiasm and wonderful talent that thrives in each one of them. Thank you also to Adina, Ossian, Valter and Sara for lending us your photogenic features in order to give MANIFESTO a face and Lush Retouch for fine-tuning everything perfectly and not too much. 

The refined eye of Stockholm photographer Olivia Jeczmyk combined with the creative force of set designer Anna Dolata have produced the delicate still lives on the MANIFESTO family. Also we would argue, has this duo given us some of the best product pictures in the business. Rétine’s final touches made it all come together in the sharpest of ways. The professional way our products have been featured does not only make make us very proud, it also gain us an all-important confidence in carrying on and aiming high. 

Bon voyage to all of you - we will follow your fast travel forward with great pride and interest!